Garden Plots

The Victorian Walled Kitchen Garden has 4 annually rotating plots and a soft fruit bed separated by paths, as well as a cutting flower bed, a herb bed, an area for permanent vegetables and a plot for Oriental vegetables – this being a legacy crop to the time spent in Japan by the 4th Baron, James St. Vincent de Saumarez. And now our exciting new "QUIRKY" bed launched in 2022.

Several espalier apple and pear trees line either side of the central path with other fruit tress  planted against the outer walls of the garden.

Fruit trees : Apples include Upton Pyne, Ribbston Pippin, Golden Reinette and Calville Blanche.  Pears include Chaumontel, Doyenne du Comice and Louis Bonne. There are also Morello Cherries and Portugal Quinces.

The garden area has been planted with over three hundred different varieties of vegetables, fruit and flowers of the Victorian Period (1837 - 1901)

Vegetables include:  Broad beans Aquadulce, Chard Pink Flamingo, Tomatoes Brandywine, Runner beans Painted Lady. Fruits cultivated include Japanese Wineberries, Baldwin Blackberries, Golden Queen Raspberries, Royal Sovereign Strawberries and Parsley-leaved Blackberry. In addition Flowers grown are Gaillardia Aristrata, Pyrethrum Robinson’s Giant-Flowered and Aquilegia Canadensis to name but a few.

Plants with a Guernsey connection are also grown, such as Guernsey Chives, Guernsey Demi- Longue Parsnip and Lisbonnais Parsnips.

Our Victorian Sweet peas are sold at our garden shop each summer and remain a firm favourite with visitors and islanders.