Seasonal Produce - Fruit and vegetables (with no air miles!)

We sometimes often get asked what happens to all the fruit and veg that is grown: we pick and sell as much as we can but we are not a commercial enterprise and we just don’t have enough volunteers to harvest everything day by day, but we would love to sell some to you!

The seasonal crops include asparagus, artichokes, beans, beetroot, courgettes, cucumbers, garlic, tomatoes, parsnips, peas, potatoes, pumpkins, turnips and apples, pears, soft fruits and rhubarb.


For a talking point at meal times you could try some of the more unusual varieties such as Crystal Lemon Cucumbers, cucamelons or Japanese Wine Berries.


Saturday morning at the garden is the main pick and pack slot, so pop by and see what’s available for that week. 


On other days there is an honesty box when La Choppe is closed.  All monies are put towards the running costs of the Garden