The Guernsey Botanical Trust LBG  was formed in 2006 for the express purpose of restoring Saumarez Park’s Victorian Walled Kitchen Garden as a charitable and voluntary community project..

The garden had been part of the de Saumarez family’s private estate, which was acquired by the States of Guernsey following the death of the fourth Lord de Saumarez in 1937. While the park itself has been substantially used for public purposes, the walled garden fell into a state of disuse and disrepair over the years.

Guernsey Botanical Trust’s project to restore the Victorian Walled Kitchen Garden was pioneered by island resident Raymond J. Evison OBE VMH, breeder, nurseryman and Vice-President of The Royal Horticultural Society.  The Trust’s patrons are His Excellency The Lieutenant Governor,  The Bailiff of Guernsey, Lord Eric de Saumarez and Lady Diana Rowland.

In 2006, site clearance began and was undertaken by a large group of willing volunteers and today it is a thriving, working productive garden growing vegetables, fruit and flowers of the Victorian Period (1837-1901)

Infra -Structure Added

A replica of the original greenhouse, the Lemon House was rebuilt in 2010 and the Orchard House was rebuilt in 2012.  A reproduction of the remaining original greenhouse, the Vine House, was built in 2014.   The North wall of the Victorian Walled Kitchen Garden now boasts a magnificent 170′ run of South-facing glass houses.

The Head Gardeners Office has been rebuilt. Tools and artefacts demonstrating  cultivation methods of the period are also exhibited.

Research has been undertaken so that the layout of the garden  beds replicate, as far as possible, the original Victorian style.

Now that the garden and glass houses are established, we are focusing on plans to create “The Gatehouse” at the main garden entrance, to include an education centre for horticultural studies, a visitor centre and an administration area.  The development of The Gatehouse is dependent upon fund-raising events and a dedicated fund-raising campaign.  Your support is appreciated.

The Victorian Walled Kitchen Garden at Saumarez Park has become a social centre for people seeking opportunities to work in a garden but without the responsibility of ownership.  It is also a place of great interest for islanders and visitors, in association with our  good neighbours, the National Trust of Guernsey’s Folk & Costume Museum, the  Saumarez Park Tea Rooms, and St. John’s Residential Home.

Without our volunteers, the garden would not and could not exist.  We are always pleased to see new volunteers to help with the gardening.  Or, you don't necessarily have to garden. There are a myriad of other activities related to the garden. Volunteer gardeners attend on weekdays and Saturday mornings. If you feel like becoming involved, your commitment can be as little or as great as you wish from half an hour’s occasional hoeing, to regular attendance.   Please contact info@walledgarden.gg

We very much look forward to welcoming you and your gardening friends soon.