Members & Volunteers

VOLUNTEERS    VOLUNTEERS      VOLUNTEER   they are the very sinews, the heart and soul of the movement to create and manage the garden.  Today it is a pulsating and beautiful place in which fruit, vegetables and flowers are grown and local crafts made and sold in the community, all which cover the costs of running the garden as there are no paid staff.

Our community garden will continue to grow in its magnificence owing to the volunteers who give their time and passion to a project that is unique to Guernsey, if not The Channel Islands.

There are approximately 40 volunteers and 25 crafters.  Do come and join our happy group of volunteers.  You can:- join our willing members who make up our gardening and maintenance team, become a shopkeeper and help with our retail outlet (called La Choppe), contribute to making local crafts for La Choppe,  run our 'Friends' Membership Scheme, co-ordinate our monthly Garden Gossip, organize or help at an event.  As you can see we offer a wide variety of activities.

Please contact initially: (please use the link on the Home page) or telephone 01481 246960