Saumarez Park

Saumarez Park is the location and scene for many formal and informal activities which may be conveniently combined with a visit to the Victorian Walled Garden.

The central area of the Park forms a large grassy arena which is a popular place for picnics, having views over the pond with its Japanese style pavilion and its ducks and other birds.

It’s also a popular location for keep Fit groups, walking groups, informal ball and other games, and is a safe cycling location for young children. (Adults may not cycle in the Park).

A children’s playground will also be found not far from the Victorian Walled Garden, Tea Rooms and Folk Museum.

The Park and part of the adjacent nature trail, contain the finest single collection of trees in Guernsey, and a stroll around will be well rewarded.  Interesting guided walks,  which touch on the history of the Park and some of its present usages, are often conducted through the summer months.  More details can be found by contacting The Bailiwick of Guernsey Guild of Accredited Guides.  Please see the 'links to other sites ' within the 'Visit ' page.