Our projects

The Gatehouse and Learning Centre

We are now in the process of constructing an Education & Learning Centre – The Gatehouse – at the entrance to the garden which will include a Learning and Visitor Centre, enabling workshops to be held and our programmes for schools and youth groups to be enhanced.  Also included will be a shop for retail sales (La Choppe), a Crew Room and Storage Room.  The building works are divided into three phases – Phase 1 a building to ‘wind and water tight ’condition and Phase 2 the internals and Phase 3, The Terrace.  Phase 1 is complete and Phase 2 is close to completion, although the final fixes are dependant on the completion of Phase 3, the work for which has been started.  Click the image to learn more 

Compost Corner

The Victorian Walled Kitchen Garden generates a significant amount of green waste and the cost of removing it from the site can mount up to a considerable sum per year.  A more sensible way of dealing with it is to compost it and reuse it.  Read about the building project and the process of composting.   

Guernsey Tom

Learn how the team at the Guernsey Botanical Trust celebrated the island’s legendary tomato industry by introducing the heritage tomato ‘Nisbett’s Victoria’ (NV) to the Victorian Walled Kitchen Garden and an interested public.